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Information on parking during the conference, Nov 9 - 11, 2023


Parking in Bloomington

 Nov 9 - 11, 2023

There are a number of options for parking for those who will be driving to Bloomington and IU for the conference. Those staying at the Indiana Memorial Union Biddle Hotel can park at the guest rate of $6 per day. The Grant Street Inn offers complimentary parking to its guests.

The inner core of Bloomington is walkable for many people, so walking to campus may be a good option for those staying downtown or in neighborhoods adjacent to campus. Those who are staying farther away, coming in for the day, or requiring direct transportation have a few options listed below.

Those wishing to park in one of the IMU's two lots can pay a half hourly rate that caps at $28 per day.  There are two options for reducing this rate by 40%.  First, we will have a limited number of daily discount tickets that you can pick up at conference registration to reduce your fee.  Alternatively, you can show a receipt for a purchase made in the IMU (for instance, of a coffee or a granola bar) to receive a reduction. 

Those interested in parking on campus, but beyond the IMU, can purchase daily passes (EM-P, premium) at conference registration for the rate of $10 each. We will have a limited supply of passes, and we will offer a cash, check, or Venmo option. The IMU also offers daily passes. These passes can be used at nearby campus lots.

Those wishing to use city lots can park in downtown Bloomington, which is a five-to-fifteen-minute walk to the IMU. Many spots are metered; rates are $1 per hour, enforced 8:00am to 9:00pm Monday through Saturday. There are also several parking garages and surface lots downtown. The closest ones to the IMU are the surface lot at 4th and Dunn, the surface lot at 6th and Lincoln, and the garage at Walnut and 7th. You can find more information at

Finally, it may be worth considering using a rideshare service, or a shuttle, if offered, to get from an Airbnb or hotel to the Indiana Memorial Union each day, thereby avoiding the parking dilemma. Once you arrive at the IMU, conference meetings and many dining options will be within walking distance.

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